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Hi everyone.

I need to lose some pounds. And that needs to happen as soon as possible.

My sister is getting married this autumn. I am going to be a bridesmaid . It will be six of us, and we will be wearing the same dresses.

 Our dresses are actually already made, and I look terrible in mine. So the plan is that I lose approximately 30 pounds till the wedding (which is in November) and then I will get my dress fixed.

I’ve heard of Fast track Detox diet and I am planning to start following it.

 What do you think, for how long will I need to follow it to see first results?


Hi Julietteee.  I followed Fast track detox diet once before. I wasn’t very satisfied (I wasn't safisfied at all) since I lost only 10 pounds  with it. And I followed the program very strictly. I could see the first results after only a week and that is what made me believe I’m gonna lose all my pounds with it. This neighbor that suggested I should try it, achieved losing 35 pounds with this diet. And she wasn’t even trying much. Her first results showed after 12 days. At least she says so. So the answer to your question would be anything between 7 and 15 days.



Thank you so much. You cheered me up a little. I had no idea it takes only a week or two. I was even worried I wouldn’t achieve losing all those pounds till November.

And that made me really sad, cause it is very important for me. I only have one sister, and since I won’t be getting married, this is probably the most important wedding in my life.

And we even came up with the idea to make bridesmaids’  dancing choreography for the wedding. Can you imagine me, with 40 extra pounds, dancing with all those beautiful girls…:/

I really hope Fast track detox diet will help me.