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(I turned 13 a month ago)When i get errect the foreskin won't be pulled down(i can only see the head a bit) and if i try to pull it I feel pain.

When im not errect the pennis is fully using the forskeen,it's more than enough so it leaves around 1cm (it seems like the pennis has 1extraCM of foreskin). At that time i'm able to pull it back.

I haven't tried to pull it back when im soft and then get errect because i'm pretty much scared... :-(

If anything touches the head i feel pain,i think because it's not used in getting touched...

Do i have to worry? Is this normal? What do i have to do?
(PS. I haven't tried masturbading, i dont know if i can)

Any advice would be really usefull...
Thanks a bunch


Yes, this is normal. :) You definitely can masturbate. From many years of practice I can tell you that you most definitely DO NOT need to pull the skin over the head of your penis in order to masturbate. :)

It's perfectly normal that it hurts when you touch the head, especially when it's dry. Once you start masturbating you'll get precum over the head and then the sensitivity won't be an issue. In fact, when you end up having sex that extra sensitivity will make it feel really good. :)


Thanks for answering,from what i've read here i probably have phimosis.
I'll try stretching and if nothing happens in the next months i'll try that creme...
Any tips on how to do it will be really helpfull!
Thanks again