I recently went to the doctor to get some advice on how to deal with a case of Phimosis which has been causing me some difficultly. The doctor said to use Vitamin E to lubricate the head of the penis and practice gently pulling the foreskin down to a comfortable amount over time until I was able to pull it down effectively.

I recently started doing it, Things seemed to be working well and I was cleaning my penis everyday [ Though because I couldn't retract my foreskin all the way, It wasn't perfect ]

I noticed one day, That the very tip of my penis had turned a bright red and a white substance had accumlated. At first I thought it was smegma, But I'm doubtful, This didn't start happening until I started using the Vitamin E.

Now I'm afraid to use it for fear of making things worse, This is also an issue because the vitamin e was helping with my Phimosis.

My question, Should I just keep using the Vitamin E until I am able to pull my foreskin down all the way and then deal with the substance? It isn't painful in any way.