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 I have a problem with my penis when i get erect and even when im flacid. when erect my foreskin doesnt go back all the way past the head by itself. i have to pull it back and it kind of hurts ever so slightly. when it does go back it only reaches about halfway and kind of feels tight as if it is gripping my penis. when masturbating like this it actually hurts, not an extreme lot, but it hurts kind of like a long-ish sting. I usually masturbate with the skin over the head. I once got the foreskin completely over the head and it hurt a lot. It took me a while to get it back over again as all the skin was compiled on in a bunch and wouldnt slide back into place. i notice that in porn it goes back easily and from what i have read it should be.

When flacid i try to pull back the skin so i can wash my penis when im in the shower. The skin only goes back about half way but its suppose to go all the way back which its not.

Is there a reason why all this is happening and how do i make everything fluid and work the way its suppose to be. By the way im 15 yrs old.


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Just keep on pulling it back. You need to stretch it. Pull it back as far as as you can without hurting yourself and hold it there for a while. Ten minutes is good to get the skin to stretch. Do it as often as you can and you should see some improvement in a few weeks. You can also insert two fingers in the end while in the bath or shower to spread it if you like, that's the way I stretched mine.