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Me and my partner lost child then shortly after we tried to make a child 1 mth after losing child

we did a test its poss then i  told my doc she says we must take blood to got blood

done day after yes you are but come back in 3 days for some more blood so i went back took blood

again now im not they state 4 days after i do a home test says i am i tell my doc they say theres

no chance you are so i dont seem to understand it am i preg are not its been a week since i last took

test but did a home one my self this morn possitive id just like to no whats what .


Hi June,

The problem is that the home pregnancy tests don't know if you are pregnant.  It is a "qualitative test."  They ONLY look for a hormone in your blood or urine called hCG and if it's there it shows "pregnant."  It stays in your body for a while, even after you lost your first child the hormone was there.  How long it remains depends upon a number of factors including how far along you were.

Your doctor likely is running a "quantitative test."  It puts a value on the level of hCG.  They do two tests, on to get a "baseline" reading.  Then they do another test a few days later to see if the level is rising or falling.  If you are pregnant it WILL rise.  hCG levels rise rapidly during early pregnancy. 

It sounds as though your level is dropping.  That is a clear indicator that you are NOT pregnant.  Again, it will take time for the home pregnancy tests to read accurately.

Hope it helps.