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Okay so um My name is Erik I'm 16 years old and I think I might have fallen for my bestfriend. So My bestfriend and I have known each other for a long time and we're actually friends with benefits, it was my idea tbh. But lately when we meet I feel like I want more than just sex. I've gone from loving her sexy body to loving the way her eyes light when she talks about passionate things. I gine from loving her moans  to loving her giggles and dimples. She's in my eyes everything a guy could want. But the thing is I dont know whether to make a move or not. I dont know how she feels about me either. I love what we have right now but I also love her more than a sister way. I want her to be mine but I don't want to mess things up. So should I make a move or just keep things how they're?


Hi Erik! I'll start telling you that I think action speaks more than words. So I think first you want to have in mind what in practice do you want to change in your relationship? You already have some nice time together, you have sex, you like eachother. What is that you are really missing? Just the "status" of boyfriend or are there other things like being not with other people, living together, get to know eachothers family better that you would like? Then after you know what you want to change, start changing it, maybe talking to her just about the thing you want to change without entering the discussion of "should we make this more serious. Good that you're in love