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I need help I am on well trying to diet my self and I just stay hungry and fruit and veggies don't help at all how do I stay on my diet and fill myself up



Having problems getting full while trying to follow a diet can be a challenge.  Howver, there are ways around this.  If you take a number of different food items in small portions, I think you will find this will work.  Consider having a couple of slices of apple, 2-3 grapes, slice of orange, 2-3 small cubes of cheese and a small hand full of nuts.  You can have some celery and carrots as well.  The idea is to savor them and eat them slowly.  Another thing is try to eat more often with smaller portions.  You might need some time to allow your stomach to shrink back to normal size if you've been eating really hugh amounts.  You can also drink a lot of water.  That will fill you up.