ok..so ive been dating my girlfriend for a little over 6 months now. But the thing is her step dad is absolutley ridiculous. He thinks he know everything from how to cut your own finger nails to the meaning of life. He dosent let her or her brother out of the house, he grounds then for no reason, and dosent care that they get seriously depressed about it. He believes that depression will make them learn their lesson. My girlfriend gets A's and B'sin school and he complains that its not good enough. He says i effect her grades in a poor way...when WE HELP EACHOTHER OUT...its so freakn' stupid...
Things have been going pretty well with my girlfirend and i so far, we find ways to be with eachother. But recently her step dad gave her a huge lecture on how she cant date until after college....and "life does not begin until after college" or "untill i say so"
Their mom is awesome, she really likes me, but follows what the tep father says and goes with it..even if she dosent agree.

if anyone can give me advice on how to deal with this kind of stuff..please help.
and sorry it has a lot of spelling errors...i didnt have much time.