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I am not sure if this is where I should post my question but here it goes.  I am in need of a guideline on self-monitoring of blood glucose in non-insulin treatment.  I need more information on how to check my sugars and should I do it everyday, multiple times a day, should I keep track of all of my sgars and keep them for my doctor?  I don't know if I take it and it is high or low, should I take it until I get a normal reading?  How do I know if my meter is correct?  Any help in this would be appreciated. 


Hello, Guest.  So you are in need of knowing what is the correct way to keep track of your insulin?  You should check with your doctor to find out how often you need to watch your blood glucose.  Your blood sugars should be documented to let the doctor know how it is doing.  Keep your meal plans as well so he/she can see how your BG is reacting to the foods you eat.  You can check your blood glucose anytime you want to know what your sugar reading is.  If you think your meter is inaccurate, you can check it with the testing solution that came with it.  It is a blue solution with glucose in a small bottle.  You will just put a test strip in the meter and use the blue solution as the specimen.  Squeeze out a drop of solution to put up to testing strip.  What comes on the screen will be a number to compare to the bottle's parameters.  If a value needs to be between 90-150 mg/dl for example, then the number on the meter has to be between 90-150.  If it isn't, the testing strips may be no good.  If you get a new bottle of testing strips and the control test still comes out wrong, then the meter may be the culprit, and you will need a new meter.