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I had an abortion two weeks agon on friday and my emotions are all over the place about any lil or large thin i just wanna cry all the time. i blocked the abortion out of my head and now cant stop feeling depressed help me


Hi anonomous12,

Sounds like you are having a ROUGH time. Im sorry. Are you still in your relationship, what is that like right now? These are actually symptoms that alot of women feel. Not ALL women, but quite a few. Often times symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome take months to set in, but others may be sooner.

Now I will tell you, there are some who do not believe that Post Abortion Syndrome is real. There are MANY websites BOTH Pro-Life and Pro-Choice that have many "arguments" as to wether it exists. I voice my opinion to you, from experience as a volunteer counselor of MANY young ladies on both ends of the spectrum, ok?

Women who came to me to have pregnancy tests to confirm their pregnancies often expressed their desire for me to help educate them on their choices wether they be abortion, adoption, parenting etc.. It is my position to educate them, lovingly, NON judgemental, supportive, to give them the wisdom to be able to make THEIR OWN choice. My only desire was to encourage and love them through their experience. Some chose to parent, some chose to abort, and some chose to find adoptive parents.

It is my experience, that most, if not all women, including friends; have had some experiences that began, just as your feeling. You are not alone sweetie. I do not know how all women think and feel, as we are all made so wonderfully different. My experience is MANY women who are "crushed".

I wanted to post a few questions to you, and if you feel comfortable answering them, you can. If not, I understand. I would like to be able to offer some help to you, ok? How long have you been feeling these things, and when did they exactly start? Do you still have a relationship with the babys father? What was your situation like BEFORE the abortion? What was the situation like after the abortion? Have you consulted with a counselor or tried to get some help from a therapist? Do your friends know of your abortion, and if they did, what was their thought on you aborting? Do you have a support system?

If you dont feel comfortable answering these questions, I understand. But please be sure to think about seeking some help from a reputable therapist who can counsel you through this situation. There IS healing from these feelings and things, DONT doubt it.

I really hope this helps a little, many have had these feelings, you arent alone.