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Dandruff. I have lots of it. In fact, I am sitting at my keyboard scratching my head right now, and it's falling out onto my desk. Not very nice. I have already established that anti dandruff shampoos and conditions do not work. If anything, these products make my dandruff worse. How do you lose the dandruff? What really does work?


stress is said to b one of the causes but ther r plenty of other factors.

i had lots of dandruf but now its in control. i oil my hair weekly at night and wash it in the morning - oil softens ur hair and also makes ur scalp less dry.

u can try - Dancel Shampoo everyday. If u can - try to get Neem leaves. Paste it and use it in ur scalp for half n hour.

keep ur hair clean and avoid going under scorching heated sun.