Hi. I am the mother of a ten and twelve year old; my life has been so blessed to have them. My husband is 44 and I am 37. I thought we were done having children, but I am eight weeks. Surprise, yikes!!! I have been blessed to be able to stay at home with my children, but this was the year I was going to go back to work. My whole family is COUNTING ON ME to do so. When I start working we will be able to buy that bigger house...which my daughter is really wanting. My daughter is my youngest and she REALLY does not like babies. We are really close and I am really worried how this is going to affect our relationship. I know I have to start by telling dad (to be again), but I really don't know how??? He works so hard for our family and I am worried what this is going to do to his happiness in life. I know baby is coming, but I have not been able to tell anyone yet. I am so stressed and scared!!! Please share any good advise or stories. Thank you!!!