I recently had a baby through c section, about 3 weeks ago, and have been having so much trouble with bleeding ever sense. So, 10 days after i had my baby i started bleeding really really bad, i mean terrible. I bled through everything i was wearing in a matter of seconds, and it was accompanied with huge blood clots. Baseball sized blood clots. This happened four times. The first two times i was perscribed methergine to help shrink my uterus and stop the bleeding but it didnt do anything. The third time i was taken in for a DNC and they found what was probably a part of the placenta left, they removed it and that was it. One more round of methergine and they thought everything would be better. Wrong. It happened again a week ago, and they did another DNC and found nothing. But my doctor said she gave me a multitude of clotting agents and a protein that people lack if they have a disease called von willebrans disease. Which is a blood clotting disorder. And i havent had any bleeding sense (knocking on wood..) which will be the longest i havent bled sense this whole thing started. So far all of my blood work has come back normal, but i was given so much blood the third and fourth time that it could have effected it. If anyone has an explaination for this please let me know.