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my vagina lips are chapped, around the labia. also, my discharge is thick and white. I am discharging a lot more than usual. what is wrong with me? Do i have a STD? is this treatable?


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Hello there! I can actually think of a couple of things that could have caused your condition but you definitely need to have it checked.

If I think of an infection that I think of yeast infection. A fungus called Candida albicans is the responsible for the infection. It is not an std but could be aggravated by prolonged sexual acts or irritation from a condom. Yeast usually overflows vaginal area after an antibiotic treatment, excessive vaginal washing or douching, bad diet, etc. it happens that yeast that is already normally present in vagina becomes excessive and may cause severe itching, burning with urination, strong fishy odor from vagina, excessive, thick, cheese-like discharge, dry and flaky genital skin, swelling of the labia, etc… can be pretty uncomfortable but it could be symptoms free as well.

Untreated yeast infection could lead to bacterial vaginosis, so you need to see a gynecologist to check it out because the treatment differs.

Skin can also become dry and flaky, rough or reddened if there is lack of moisture but you could have also aggravated the skin by excessive washing with harsh soups and other products.

I suspect yeast infection because of the discharge but if it’s not, a gynecologist will send you to a dermatologist.


well this is somewhat confusing beacsue a week ago i had sex with my boyfriend and since i have a somewhat irregular period i do not know if i am is diffucult for me to acquire a pregnancy test. also 2 days after intercourse i experienced spotting and vaginal bleeding,i don't know what is going on!!help me

Thank you: )