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I only have hair on the base of my penis and it is very thin.I have no armpit hair.I can still sing high although my voice is quite low normally.My penis when erect is 5 '7 inches when erected.How long until i get pubes like everybody else.How long until i get armpit hair and how much more will my penis grow? Thank You


You are 15. The average age that boys start puberty is around 11 1/2 years old. can begin anywhere between 9 and 15 years old.
The physical changes usually take 3 to 4 years to be completed.

Sounds like your not finished. You will notice the hair around your penis will start to get course, and it will become somewhat curly.
Your armpit hair should follow suit.
As for your voice, which is normally low you say.
Nothing wrong with a guy singing soprano. Look at Placido Domingo, he had a wonderful voice. Thats okay. He had a very manly man speaking voice.
If your penis is 5'7 inches now, that is of normal length. But you are still growing. I can say that your penis is not done yet 8)

So relax, you still have time. Your not done growing, yet. ;-)


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No need to worry, that hair at the base of your penis will quickly grow, get thicker and extend all around it and up the shaft as well if you are lucky in the next few years if not months. Your voice should 'break' soon, think of Aled Jones walking in the air. At your age you actually have a larger than average penis, that should as well as get hairier, also get larger so my 16 your penis will be at least 7" when erect. Your arm pit hair should be there soon as well.