I have been having horrible GI problems for about 6 weeks now. Upper abdominal ultrasound showed nothing, Abdominal CT with and without contrast showed a slightly enlarged liver (liver enzyme blood work was all fine), and upper endoscopy was normal. Finally my doctor decided to give me a HIDA scan and the results came back that the EF was 26%. My doctor said surgery was my choice as it could relieve my symptoms (horrible gas, upper right GI pain under the rips that goes into the back, bloating, heartburn), but it might not provide total or any relief. He said if my numbers were slightly lower he would recommend surgery, but because I'm in a "gray zone" it was up to me. I asked if there was anything I could do to get the numbers in the normal range and he said that the damage was already done (likely by my 14 year use of oral birth control pills). The only thing to do now is hope the EF stays stable through a low fat diet, but the doctor said the numbers might get worse. He made it sound like surgery would eventually be inevitable, but do I wait for the numbers to get lower and just live with the symptoms? The low fat diet doesn't seem to be doing much. Anyone else have this issue with an EF between 25-30%?