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Im 12 years old im 5''4 and i weigh 162 pounds i know that its  very unhealthy for my age. I want to lose weigh to better myself and fit in my clothes.Its early summer time and next weekend me and my family are going to the beach.I have always worried about the way i look now i have to worry about my weight and how i look in a bathing suit.But the thing is i dont even look fat im kinda tall and curvey. People say i look im 122 pounds but there like 40 pounds off.

Before the summer time i walked like 4 blocks to school and back.Then on weekends i spent like 4 hours in the pool.But after all of that calorie burning i just eat it all back because im a junk food acholic.But who can blame me because its way easier to put on the weigh then take it off and thats why im asking yhu (how can i lose weigh in 1 or 2 months)so when i go back to school people will say wow and ill be healthy again.


I can try to to help you! First, you want to cut all the junk food out of your diet, including soda. All that stuff is really bad for you. I'm not sure if you're allergic to nuts but I bought this bag of nut clusters at the store yesterday and they are really good. It's made by 'Kirkland', it's just cashews, pumpkin seeds, and almonds held together with honey. I also bought 'ancient grains, also made by Kirkland. It's just granola, but it tastes really good. You could also eat lots of eggs, there's many different ways to have eggs. You could have them scrambled, over easy, or you could dice them up and put them in salad. If you like scrambled eggs you could add cheese and diced up ham if you wanted to. Or deviled eggs. Salad is good too, I like spinach leaves, but there's other kinds, you can put tons of things in salad and it doesn't only have to be a green salad, there's fruit salad, potato salad, egg salad. Oh another thing you could try is kale chips. Fruits and vegetables are your friend, eat lots of them. You want to drink a lot of water, make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you're going in the pool and walking for long periods of time. Any type of juice is also good. One last thing, please please please be careful with trying to lose weight, do not let it consume your life. Don't count calories. Don't become anorexic. They key is eating healthy and getting exercise. You are still young, your body still has a lot of changes to go through, don't become upset if you're not loosing as much weight as fast as you wanted to. It takes time, don't rush. It's okay to have cake and ice cream just don't have it every day, think of it as a treat. Best of luck!