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Hi, guys any of you had an experience with the ovulation dysfunction fertility? I accompanied my friend to a fertility clinic recently, and the diagnosis was appalling. Though my friend had been having her cycle normally, she could not be able to get pregnant. This condition is what the doctor referred to as ovulation dysfunction. From what I have all along known, infertility in women is a straight forward affair. However, this new twist, which understands contributes a sizeable chunk of childless women is worrying. In this case, though the other tests proved she was OK, it was the ovulation test that finally brought everything home. A closer check revealed that she was not ovulating at all. Such women do get their normal 28 ovulation cycle without ovulating. Quite strange. Tell me how to treat the condition?


Heyya. I hope that you're doing good. Yes, you're right about ovulation dysfunction. Women can have their normal cycle without ovulation. Ik a strange thing it is. But it's true. I'm sorry that your cousin has this. We all know that family is the greatest blessing of all. One must do every possible thing to have it. Well, sometimes ovarian dysfunction is quite natural. It goes away with time. Sometimes it requires a healthy lifestyle. Do some yoga. Try relieving yourself from stress. This will help her. Because stress can also cause some drastic changes in the cds. I hope that your cousin gets well soon. Tc. Best of luck.