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Alrighht, i had sex w/ my boyfriend 8 days ago, and it was both our first time, we didn't use protection BUT when he kinda had a feeling it was about to cum out he pulled it out . Weree reall afraid right now. He ejaculated the day before , what's the chances of me getting pregnant?? :-(


It's really kind of difficult to say what the chances are - the withdrawal method can work, but isn't really trustworthy, one of the reasons being exactly what you wrote in the subject - "pre-cum". Almost any time a guy gets real turned-on he will "pre-cum" at least a little, and pre-cum can have sperm in it. The fact that he ejaculated the day before won't really effect his sperm count all that much the next day - especially so for a young guy (I'm assuming you're both young, since you said it was the first time for both of you).

I know these aren't the reassuring words you wanted to hear, but it won't do you guys any good for me to lie to you. If you're lucky this time, then obviously, you need to take some precautions the next time things get interesting. One of the things you could have done this time, would have been to get some emergency contraceptive (Plan B), but that needs to be used within three days (72 hours) of having had unprotected sex. Also, you or your boyfriend would have to be at least 17 years old to buy it (or get it from Planned Parenthood) without a prescription. Otherwise you would have needed to see a doctor or nurse practitioner. I hate to sound like an old know-it-all but next time - PLAN AHEAD! (please)

Anyhow, I'm hereby wishing you good luck (praying you'll catch a break this time)!