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i have had irregular periods for as long as i could remember. had one miscarriage about 3 yrs ago. went on clomid for 2 months. have slight cramping in lower abdomin. missed first day of period. took test was neg. the cramping i am experiencing does not feel as severe as my normal menstrual cramping. how long does implantation cramping last for. am i just wanting this so bad that i am imagining things? i need some advice.please respond to me. %-) %-)


This is a hard one. Although cramping can normally be related to getting your period, it can also be related to other things. Pregnancy being one of them.

I had cramping for the first 14 weeks in my first pregnancy, first 12 with my second.

Although some tests can be taken from day 1 of your missed period, it may be better to wait just a little longer.

Implantation cramping would have happened sooner than this. It would normally be felt around 6 - 8 days after ovulation.

Is this day 1 of your missed period? or are you further into it now?

I would seriously suggest waiting a couple of days and then do a re-test.
Seeing as you have been taking a course of clomid, are you being monitored by your GP?

Best wishes and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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ok..well 2 mornings ago i had blood when i wasnt light and it wasnt heavy. and yesterday i had nothing all day. and earlier today i had light spotting and i usually dont get my period in the end of the motnh and here is the twisted thing..usually my periods have been messed up and lately i have had it for 3 months straight. and me and my bf havent been havin protected sex since we have been together. and i belive i have IBS and a possible bladder infection. and this is current now and im kinda nervous i have taken 2 pregnany tests and both negative. i have been told ibs can screw with a pregnancy test. can u help....i need itl