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hey i am 16 i have Phimosis i just found out what it was, i thought it was not a promlem until i found out it was not normal. if feels ok when erected but it wont pull back. my parents dont even know about it, im way scaerd about what will hapen if i dont get help now, can doctors or anybody fix it. can anyone reply back i need real awnsers, its starting to realll scare me, and can some one pleas tell me if there is a posable chance of infectoin or bacteria? i reealy need to know for that cream can u buy it of the counter or is it perscription


I am 15 and i only found out that you were supposed to be able to pull your foreskin back about a month ago (A day before i joined this website, i read about it in wikipedia) bear in mind i could not pull my foreskin back over my flaccid penis at all. After a few days of worry i told my parents and they arranged me a doctors appointment. When i went the doctor told me that the skin was very stretchy and i should try gently stretching it in the bath (this was last Monday).

2 baths later and i can pull my foreskin entirely over my flaccid and semi erect penis but i can't quite get it over when it is fully erect but this should loosen with time and also, when i pull it down over the head, the ring is a bit tight and constricts my shaft but again that should ease with time.

Do you have a long foreskin? As in one which looks like it has a small pair of lips at the end? if you do then you might have the same kind as me. I advise you arrange to see a doctor about it but if you don't have the courage then you can always do the same as i did (sit in the bath for a couple of hours and retract your penis (when flaccid) gently and when you can pull the foreskin back (flaccid) so it can come all the way over, repeat the exercise except when erect.