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hello im am a 16 year old girl that is stuck in a situation and need to get out .....ive been told to drink vinger but also been told that it doesnt work i dont wanna go out my way to kill my baby and it doesnt work i need help quick can anyone tell me how can i have a miscarriage ?  have alot to look forward and i also have five yonger sister behind me and i dont want them to think its ok to have a baby at an early age i know it part of my fault i do take full responabilty i have big plan for my future and by having this baby will ruin what i have plan and i dont have any money nor a job to get abortion i can ask a family member but that will be somthing they will talk about until im grown and one my own.


Hi Guest,

There is nothing that you can do at home to safely to terminate this pregnancy.  If you decide to abort, and that's what it is an abortion, you'll need to see a doctor.

Trying to do this on your own could make you seriously ill or even lead to your death.  You might also not successfully abort the fetus but cause severe damage.  It could also leave you infertile.

Find an adult that you can talk to before you do anything.

Good luck.