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I want to incorporate some strength training into my schedule.
What I want to do is lift weights.
Does anyone know of a good website that will help me set up a routine for a beginner using free weights?
They do have Nautilus machines at my gym, but here at home, my son uses free weights, and franky, I am a bit embarrassed to ask one of the muscle-bound youngsters at the gym to show me and make a program for me. (Isn't that awful?) :duh:
That way I can run every other day anddo cardio, and on separate days, lift weights (and cardio?). :shrug:



Hi Julie...
Does the gym have personal trainers? If so, buy a few sessions. You will be amazed at how great it is to have one of those young muscle bound kids help you with a program. Most are or should ber certified personal trainers and can help you get the results you desire.
Happy trails!!!