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First of all, please do not judge me.
Me ands my fiancee are in our teens. Im 17 while he is 19, almost 20.
We are both well suited, we both work, i go to school for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week through a program at my highschool, and work full time.
He works from 7-3 and takes night classes at college.
Can i safely have a baby at 17? I know people can have babies safely, even at 15, but its risky.
I don't want my Age to pose an potentil problems with myself or the baby.


Hello Vermonerbabe ... i am not going to judge you Most of us here are here to help and support you

i would like to ask you a question b4 i give you my honest answer.....

my question to you is Do you want a baby this young?

the reason i am asking is because ... i had my daughter at 16 and i gave her to my step mum to look after as i realised that i was still a baby having a baby and i fell pregnant again with my next daughter when i was only 18 and i also found it hard to care for her but with the help of my dad i got thorugh i would not change back time but i do wish i had waited til i was over the age of 21 b4 i started having my babies i now hav 3 babies living with me 2 boys and my daughter

i was not sleeping around i was a girl who believed i was with the man of my dreams and we wanted a baby together till he found out i was pregnant he looked after me till i was 3 months pregnant and then turned around and told me that this baby i was pregnant with was not his and walked out on me

that is my story