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Can someone tell me why that is and if it happens to them


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it is very probably you aren't doing the exercise right and your are straining your neck. what exercise exaclty are you doing? abdominal workouts often have negative effect on neck or/and back area, especially if performed without perfect form.

People (i a not saying you too :-) ) also often exaggerate with the number of repetitions which can be dreadful if performing it wrong. try not to bend your neck (for example when performing crunches) but perform the crunch with your abdominal muscles and not the neck.

Also, make sure to perfect the form of performing the crunch (neck pain is most often the case with crunches this is why i am mentioning crunches) before increasing the number of repetitions.

Also, instead of increasing the number of repetitions try to perform crunches with weights (hold them at your chest of shoulder level - the higher you will hold them, more intense the crunches will be :-)