when i found out i was pregnant i was really upset i knew i couldn't keep it because i already have 2 kids my first daughter is 2 years and my second daughter is now 11 months. i thought really hard about it and if i should keep it or not. my bf and the father of my 2 daughters and the one i was pregnant with doesn't think that we should keep it he told me it was up to me if i wanted to keep it or not but i decide to not keep it. i had some friends tell me that they thought it was right for me to go through the abortion so i did and now i regret it so much. ever since, iv been really depress and i feel guilty, if i could take it back i would.now that i lost my baby i feel like i really did want it and now im thinking of trying for one. is it wrong of me to now want a baby when i just got rid of it i feel stupid for thinking like that. but now i feel like this is what i want and im not goin to let anyone get to my head. i dont know why i listen to other pepple wen i should of been listening to myself, this was a mistake and it was a lesson learned.