I had an abortion 4 weeks ago. I was already 5 weeks my bf we've been dating for almost 7 yrs we are both 27. We dicsussed the matter before I did have the abortion but I now cry every night about it I feel like a monster and I want my baby back I talked to him about it and he was telling me that we were not ready and mostly he was not psycologically prepared. I hate myself for what I did and I resent him for he behaves like nothing ever happened. I really want to have a baby now more than ever before. I've statred taking prenatal viamnins and even thinking of what to buy for the baby. He said to me once while I was crying in 3months we can try to have another baby but he now keeps joking about 3 yrs. I told him I'll have the baby with or w/t him. I dont want to hv to choose btn the two help.... :-(