hi i had an abortion 2 weeks ago i was 10 weeks when i got it done. my reason for getting the abortion was because i have 2 kids 2 years - 11 months at the time i felt like it was to soon and so did my bf but there was alot of time i would look for reason to keep it and everytime i would try to talk my bf into keeping it he would always say that were not ready for another one and that hes fine with the 2 that we have and he doesnt want one till their older. after the abortion i was so stress and depress i hated my self and couldnt get over it. i thought about it so much and realized that i do now want a baby and i feel stupid for goin through the abortion in the first place. my bf and i had unprotected sex 5 days after the abortion and i was on birth control i didnt know how long it takes to be effective so at the time we didnt think anything of it.the next day we did it again and this time i really do think its possible that im am pregnant again i really do want to be pregnant again so i took my self off birth control. i i talked to my bf about how i really want a baby and hes not up for it but i did tell him that its possible that im pregnant again hes not that happy but he also doesnt want me goin through another abortion again so now im hoping im pregnant, this is the only time i can hope, my bf wont let this mistake happen again he will agree to keep it if i am pregnant now but if im not he will not help me try for another one. so i need to know if it is really possible that i am pregnant again?