I am 25 years old. Im looking for help. My last period was July 2nd. I am usually regular 5 day cycle. In august a day or 2 before my next period, my bf and I had unprotected sex and he did not pull out. I missed that period and now septembers and I took 2 pregnancy tests and all negative. I was supposed to get my period 9/2 or maybe 9/4 at the latest. and the week of my period I was getting really light cramps along with a really light pink spotting but only when I wiped lasted maybe 4 days. I took another tests that week and negative i waited 4 days and tested again and negative again, however I still haven't gotten AF. I scheduled a docs appointmentbut that isn't until another 2 weeks. I get cramps as if I'm about to get my period but nothing. Just really looking for advice/help.Thanks!