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i have my beautiful 6 month old little boy :-D . now i am 6 weeks pregnant. my head is all over the place,my sons father left me when i was 4 months pregnant. i have been in my new relationship 5 months and my partner has taken me and my son on.he is a dad to my son now :-) . just dont want the same to happen and be left with 2 young children at the age of 20.


Well, you have to discuss this with your partner and see what his take is on the whole thing. Not that you mentioned this in your post but if your thinking of going behind his back and doing something about this pregnancy, i will tell you that it's not a good idea. He may be totally excited and will embrace the thought of his own son or daughter.
If you choose to terminate this pregnancy, you must give him the first option. I know the baby's will be close in age but that is the beauty of the whole thing. 20 is young to have two little ones and no father figure, but it's not the end of the world either. Should your partner leave you, so be it because there is nothing that you can't do on your own. Just talk to him, get his input and see how he feels before you make any other move, you may be pleasantly surprised.


Hi there.

When my little girl was 5 weeks old i found out i was pregnant again!! I was really scared and didnt know how i would cope.
I now have an 18 month old girl and an 8 month old boy and its great. they adore each other and its not as hard as people always assume. I am lucky, I have a partner of 5 years so we're very stable, but i also know that if he left tomorrow i would cope just fine. I love my babies and could bring them up just fine.

i agree with bbfeet9 . . you should talk to your partner, tell him all your concerns and be completely open with him. Just because your other fella left you when you was pregnant before, it doesnt mean this will happen again. If your new partner has taken on the roll of daddy to your son im sure he would be happy to have a child of his own with you.

You must try not to think the worst . . even if you were left with 2 young children (not saying you would be!) but it wouldn't be the end of the world, women are strong and our children make us stronger. Having 2 children is honestly ok, its hard work at first but you adjust to it, much like you did when your first born came home :-)

I am 23 and pregnant with my 4th baby (we lost our 1st little boy at 24 weeks)