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I need someone to tell me why, I have severe pain in my stomach, esophagus and heartburn,almost everytime i eat something. I had my gallbladder removed about 2 and a half years ago, but before it was removed i had a tube that was draining the bile into a bag. The stitching anchored the tube, and it came out, the day surgery turned out to be 8 days. Apparently the tube came out of the gallbladder and started poking holes in other parts of my intestines. The bag was draining yellow, green and black fluids,some times i would go days with no drainage at all. I wore this bag for 5 months, even after the surgery was done, just to get the excess fluids out of whereever they were. The burning and pain I get is sometimes unbearable, could there be another underlying problem i am not aware of, like an ulcer or something, i have never had this before. Does anyone know?


You should not post on the internet form to uninformed people. Ask a real doctor.