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I have a very high tolerance to norcos and am a very big guy. I took 4 tens 4 hours ago. Am I safe to start Sub


     Dont start taking suboxone or subutex, i have been on that ride for the last 10 months and finally just got off. What you want to do is research kratom, find out how awesome it is, order some and take it and it will kill 95% of your withdrawal symptoms. The reason why is because it has a few compounds that act as Mu opiate receptor agonists.

   Take the Kratom for about 8 day until your out of withdrawal and you will be good to go. Then whenever you want an opiate buzz to relax or your want energy to go for a long hike, just take some Kratom. Its a great opiate sub and i actually like it better than opiates.

    Bottom line is, dont start taking subs unless you want to trade one addiction for another. And if you get on them and then decide you want to get high again, you wont get high because the subs will block it, and then when you want to come off subs, the withdrawals are almost just as shitty and they last 3 times longer.

    Suboxone can be awesome if you want to get your life back from a insane heroin addiction, But i find that Kratom works better, and its not going to harm your body, in fact its actually good for you and has vitamins and antioxadants. so, you choose