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my brain ct scan come back normal
they told me in the hospital this ct machine is the latest one with lowest Radiation
the scan take i think 3 or 4 mintues
im worry because i keep read on the net that ct scan
would give brain cancer in the future
im 24 years old
im soo scared please help i cant even sleep


The newer machines use much less radiation than those of even a couple of years ago.

Any radiation exposure can be cause for concern. We are exposed to many forms of radiation each day. The risks of any procedure need to be weighed against the benefits. Your doctor obviously felt there was a need for this scan and wouldn't order it if it wasn't necessary.

I understand your anxiety but even your cell phone emits radiation. Where do you use that? Why next to your head.

Normal living exposes you to radiation in the environment. You can be exposed to it from what you breath, eat, or even lying out in the sun.

Please don't worry about the risk from the CT scan.


oh my dear dont get tense,,,ct scan is something very common so there is nothing to worry okay,,,
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oh really 1 0n 270 woman and 1 in 600 men get cancer after a cat scan.