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I am a 14 year old girl and i havent gotten my period for this month (august). Last month in july i did get my period twice. i got it on the 10th and it ended on the 17th. however, after about a week i started to bleed again on the 26th all the way through august 1st. i did have sex 3 times with my boyfriend, on the 27th of july, and on the 11th and 17th of august. we only used a condom once  and that was once in july, besides that i am not taking any birth control or anything. but he says he didnt ejaculate in me. can anyone tell my why i havent gotten my period for this month? i took an early pregnancy test on the 21st and it came out negative. 



sometimes yu just miss your period but still be aware you could be pregant i would try another test