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I am 13 i weigh 240 i want to loose 120 pounds in one year i know i can do it i am excersizing and eating very healthy i already lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks i know its not that much but im working on it!


That is way awesome!!!  I am so happy for you!  It IS a great deal of weight to lose in 2 weeks.  Just know that eventually your weight loss will slow down to about 2 lbs a week, but don't give up!  That equates to 8 pounds a month so you can reach your goal of 120 pounds in a year.  Ongoing support helps out a lot so think about joining a weight loss group to get that support as well!  We all go through the plateauing and it is helpful to have others to talk to when the weight isn't coming off like you want it to.  Keep at it!  You'll make it!