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Hello girls, what's new?

I was wondering is there any possibility to get the Cookie diet plan in Walgreens? Have you tried this? Do I need some prescription from my doctor to start this diet plan or not?

I would like to get one soon in one of my local Walgreens.

How many cookies are in that box? How much does it cost? Which package is more delicious?

I would like to eat these cookies for breakfast and maybe for my dinner. Is that OK?

Please, share your thoughts about this discussion.

Looking forward to your answers and suggestion for me.

Good night!



you are so into this diet, right? Sure, you can get cookie plan in any of local Walgreens, where you can buy cookies as well. One box has 84 cookies and it costs around 90 dollars.

I don’t understand your question about doctors prescription. Why in the world you need doctors prescription to buy cookies or to get cookie diet plan? You should consult with a doctor before diet, but you don’t need any prescription.

I don’t think that in the Walgreens usually give you a diet plan with cookies, but you can ask them.

I got the cookie plan in that way.