I started having panic attacks when i was 14 years old.i will be 19 in a couple weeks. Every time i have a panic attack i throw up..is that normal?? Well actually i haven't had a panic attack that made me throw up in almost a month and before that one it was about six months. They used to happen all the time. Only at night though. And i would throw up every time. These panic attacks have affected just about every aspect of my life. I don't want any prescription meds to help because i have a very addictive personality. Just being honest. I'm still a virgin for fear of having some gosh awful panic attack after my first time. I hate it. I've been with the same guy for two years now. He is not a virgin. I know it's hard on him, but i can't get over this irrational fear. >:( He's been my rock through this but i am so ready to get it over with and experience. Any help out there????