so hello my name is aditya i am 16 years old i recently tried weed something like 4 days ago 

the weed was in hash form i mean a block and i ate the whole block i guess cuz i ddnt know anyting about hash i never tryed weed in my life but that day my friend bought it so i just though i should give it a try i think it was highly laced with something (cocain or rat kill) i guess and btw i ddnt smoke it i just eat the whole block and go to my class when i was in my buss i already fell like fainting and like i was very tensed 

after some time my heart started to beat all crazy i think it was a really bad panic attack after panic attack 

i reached to my class somehow and when i told them i am sick they told just sleep but when i was sleeping i hear that my teacher was telling bad things about me that i was faking sick so i assumed that i was having the weed side effect and after  that i was at my home after puking 2 times but it was just very little puke not much for removing all the hash i was high for 4 days and i think i am high rightnow slightly i guess 

and after 4 days my heart is still feeling weared and when i punch my heart it started to make dub wub sound but now the sound is gone but i can feel tingling in my heart i think my heart is missplaced or just touching my lungs my blood pressure is somtimes fast sometimes normal and sometimes low i feel very depressed and if i sleep i feel like i am going to forget breatihing but i can sleep  ok i can go to the doc but i cant tell him that i take thc the real thing in weed i live in a place where people dont know sh*t about weed i get paranoyed when i waskeup from sleep and my body need to adjust to it it takes time for my heart to adjust what is happening with me i am anixieted i feel better somedays but after that day i feel bad and cant move a mucle is that because of weed or is it because of the substance which was laced with it 

if u all need more info about my condition i will tell u alll things but for now i think this much is ok :/;-|