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Over the past 8 months, I've lost about 130 pounds I was almost 400 now I'm 267.

Yesterday while I was out with a friend at the local junkyard I passed out. When I came too they gave me a candy bar first one I've had in almost a year.. The EMS Came and checked me out, My heart rate was 92 BP was 130/70 and my sugar was 96, and other than feeling like I went a couple rounds with a pro wrestler I felt a thousand times better.

For the past 8 months I've been loosing the weight very radically. Eating only dinner trying to keep myself around 800-1200 calories a day. Everything was great until this week. Earlier this week I had a touch of vertigo, but yesterday's episode scared the c**p out of me.. Anyone else have this happen.....


It doesn't sound like you're losing weight in a healthy fashion. Walk for at least an hour a day; drink a glass of distilled water immediately upon arising; eat a big breakfast; eat a big salad for lunch and dinner; eat an organic apple and grapefruit a day, or as many as you want; stop eating at 6 p.m.; and eat coconut oil. It's amazing how much weight you'll lose and how your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will decrease with the coconut oil.

But don't just eat one meal a day. That's really not healthy. The above suggestions are things that I did to lose weight and do now to maintain my good weight. They're great things to do.