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At the beginning of the month I thought I conceived simply because it felt exactly the same as last time when I was pregnant. However it was far to early to test. I just 'knew' I was if that makes sense. 1 1/2 weeks later I believe I miscarried as I had severe abdominal pain, clotting and bleeding a few days after receiving an x-ray. I was completely heart broken as in that short amount of time I was very excited for a new life. Now just over 2 weeks after the apparent miscarriage I've had fever and nausea in very short random waves. It feels like morning sickness to me. I quickly ran to the store at 6:00 pm to test for possible pregnancy. I had the hope that maybe I didn't miscarry. The pregnancy test gave me a firm negative though something tells me that maybe I still might be pregnant?

Is it possible that I could be pregnant and maybe tested to soon? I believe I conceived on the 6th or 7th of this month and it is now the 31st of the month.

This would be my second miscarriage if I did in fact miscarry.


I understand your feelings of being pregnant and when! BUT this can also be wishful thinking! I can help you further if you give me some more information OK?

1. When was your last period?
2. When did you have unprotected sex?
3. Are your periods usually regular?
4. If so how long is your cycle, and did you happen to know when you ovulated?
5. Have you and your partner been tested for STI's
6. Do your breasts hurt - in particular your nipples?