Marijuana, like many drugs, seems to act unpredictably as an amplifier or suppressor of emotions or physical conditions.

Sometimes marijuana is used as an appetite enhancer and nausea reducing agent. However, I am sure that the initial buzz can be disorientating to your body and the changes in your sensation of balance could sometimes tip you over the edge and make you vomit. New users of marijuana often report nausea. I wonder sometimes though if that isn't simply a manifestation of 'the fear', the paranoia marijuana sometimes causes.

Smoking tobacco can cause nausea too, so it is worth avoiding smoking either of them. Anecdotally, some report that eating very small quantities of marijuana (perhaps initially 1/4 the amount you would have in a joint to test tolerance) gives them similar relief to smoking it but without the severe health problems associated with smoking.

If someone were to take this approach I would hope that they would be very careful indeed how much they consume as one never knows how your body is going to respond to a new substance or method and the effects apparently last a lot longer than when smoked. (I.E. if it isn't pleasant, then it could be hours of unpleasant rather than minutes. I have witnessed both sides of the coin on this subject)