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During an annual colonoscopy, three 2.5 cm poly(s) (non-cancerous) were discovered in the polyp of colon [Cecum)-211.3.  The doctor stated that he will have to removed the polyps .  On February 9, 2012, I'm schedule to have half of my colon removed.  According to the doctor, he will remove half of my colon in order to cut the blood supply from the Cecum leading to the Ileum area...though not cancerous (now), removal would decrease the odds of the polyps returning and becoming cancerous and affecting other areas.  According to the doctor, he would not know how to treat the cancer if it goes into the Illeum. My concern is, should I go through with the surgery, should I tell the doctor to just cut the pallets off the lower Cecum and I'll take my chances or allow him to remove half...OR NONE AT ALL.

  Please Help, I'm running out of time!  


Hi Kenneth,

Seek another opinion.  It is impossible to give you an answer without seeing all the test results, etc. and knowing your history. 

By itself, not all polyps become cancerous.  There are different type of polyps, hyperplastic and inflammatory, which are not considered cancerous although some can be of concern and should be removed.  There are also adenomas, these are considered precancerous.

Good luck.

Hope it helps.