Last week I underwent surgery to remove 2 flat polyps.  I had about 7 inches of my colon removed.   The surgeon explained that a flat polyp is very dangerous in that it clings to the wall of the colon and spreads outward, not upward like a regular polyp.  Flat polyps are difficult to remove during a colonoscopy due to the fact that the doctor might puncture the colon wall.  From what I understand although these polyps are not at the moment cancerous they will be in time.  So to be on the "safe" side the surgeon will remove a portion of the colon and then reattach it back together.   I cannot find anything on the net to give statistics of how many patients opt for surgery ahead "to be on the safe side", or those that have waited it out.   Presently I am going through the pain of healing, wondering if I should have had this done, hoping to find some other people with a similar situation that might be able to share their experiences with me.  Kathleen