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Hi all, I'm very confused. I'm 1 week late on my period and have tested every day with first morning urine and they are all negative. However I have very regular periods but haven't long come off the implanon. The only time I have missed a period is when I was pregnant with my son, but I got a positive the day I missed my period with him. I check my cervix regular as we are trying for a baby and when I checked on the day of missed period there was a very small amount of pink discharge, I thought my period was coming but it didn't! Then a few days ago when I wiped I had a very big blob of sticky,stretchy, clear, thick jelly cervical mucus. Could I be pregnant or should I give up hope and move on as I've had lots of negative tests.


im currently going threw the same thing! i missed my period and every hpt i take it says neg. i have an apt with planned parenthood next week. but yeah. i have 2 children. when i was pregnant with my daughter last year i just new i was pregnnt. so i went to the hospitsl for a pregnancy test the urine kind. (when i asked for a blood test) and it came back negative the nurse was very mean when i told her ' no miss. i AM pregnant do a blood test' she told me no. the urine tests they use are very accurate and that i was deff. not pregnant... so after some very nasty words with her i had her order me a blood test.. when she came in with the results she looked shocked and told me i was almost 6 weeks pregnant. but my HCG levels were only 10! she said she dosent think it will be a viable pregnancy since my levels were so low. but needless to say 4 months ago i gave birth to a heathly baby girl. i had neg. test with her pregnancy as well. sometimes the levels are too low to pick up hcg in HPT. id go get a blood test done. you could still be pregnant. and missing your period with a regular cycle is a good sign. good luck FX!