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Ok so here's the 15 years old and me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 last period was from around nov.15 till and my bf had unprotected sex the night before thanksgiving...he said he didnt cum in me but i think differently.ever since about a week or 2 after we had sex ive been having lower back and abdominal pains,sever headaches,ive had some nausea when i dont eat but then when i do eat it goes away, ive been having more discharge then normal, and now my breasts are very tender, i havent been sleeping normally lately and even with a good 8-9 hours of sleep im still soo sleepy throughout the day...are these signs that im pregnant??? Please help!!!

P.s. This will be my first child if i am so any advice AT ALL will be greatly appreciated!!!


Sounds to me like you are experiencing PMS symptoms, even though they are very similar to some of the pregnancy signs. Your period doesn’t seem late yet and the chances of you getting pregnant only few days after your period are not that big in the first place. You can do pregnancy test now, or maybe wait few more days, but chances are that you will get your period. Only week after unprotected sex is still very early for all pregnancy signs to show up, but it definitely is time for PMS symptoms. Now it all depends on how regular your periods are.