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im only 17 years old i had unpreotected sex & i bearly foubd out i was pregnant about a week ago im ont 2 weeks im really scaredd idk what to do my only way out is abortion but im really scare i need advice can you guys help :'(


ok deep breath and relax a bit. Hi btw first question i have is why do you feel abortion is your only way out?


also where are you from? I will help you by giving you a full picture of your options if you would like. Some people will only try to pull you one way or the other with there info but i will only be open and honest with you.

Ive watched all the outcomes possable with pregnancy and can tell you from a honest position what each was like

i had 3 friends choose to abort pregnancies at early stages (between 3 to 8 weeks) one was completely assured and suffered no issues. One was seriously injured and during xrays was found to be pregnant and due to other issues had to abort she was sad about it but rebounded and had a child about 2 years later. The last was forced by her parents to abort at 2 months. She was devistated and due to other factors attempted suicide about a month later.

A really good friend of mine found out she was pregnant when we where your age. She didnt know who the father was (she had slept with me and 2 other people during a drunken 4th of july weekend) and after a week of soul searching decided to give the child up for adoption. I was there for her when she deliverd and when they took the baby to the adoption centers foster home while formalizing the adoption process. She was devistated at first but after seeing her grow up (it was an open adoption and she gets letters every 6 months or so) she told me it was the best decission she ever made.

The last was a 14 year old girl i knew who became pregnant after sleeping with her best friend. She was confused about what to do and i gave her the adivse ill give you. At the end with the support of her parents(who she had me tell as she was scared to death of) and the father of the child she decided to keep him. He is now 12 and she is a cpa who graduated college with a 3.5 gpa so dont let anyone tell you yaving a child is the end of your education 4 nothing is impossable when you want it.

Here is my main bit of advice. Dont make any fast rash decission. They tend to be the ones that you will regreat. Thats not just for this issue but anything in general. Again i will help you with information in any decission that you make.


i didnt know what i was getting myself into my boyfriend is in the army i see him maybe once a year & it will kill me to knoow if something happened to him i dont want my baby :-( i feel depressed my abortion is this thursday & im scared to death i think negative i feel like something is goingg to go wrong in the surgery i dont knw who to discuss it with i dont trust no one everyone has always talked about me & i just dont know what to do i find myself in a whole i cant get out off i pray to go to forgive me for this i promised if all this would go good i wouldnt sleep with noone else .
can u die of abortion?


ok lets start with your last question and work our way forward.

Can you die. Yes. What are the chances of that happening lets say getting struck by lightning after finding out you won the powerball drawing have better chances. But like any surgical procedure things can happen. You may hemorage and may need to have a hystorectomy. You could have a reaction to the drugs used if your having sidation. Any number of things COULD happen but are unlikely.

Im curious why you dont want to have a child personally or why you have not thought about adoption but your choice is yours alone to make.

Anyway let me stop chasing rabbits here and get back on topic. Worry little of what others think and only what you feel for yourself. Others in the end have ZERO influance over you if you choose to ignore them.

You said your bf is in the military does he know about your pregnancy/plans? If he does is he supporting you in your dissision?

I hope that you find peace within yourself daisy. I pray that the lord gives you strength to make it through this rough time. I hope personally you reconcider your choice but thats only my feelings im an anonomus voice over the internet who does not know you or anything about you.

I hope that you can find your way through this and maybe a soul to guide you along the way.

I will still pray for you no matter what you choose. And i do not judge you for what you decide to do.

God bless you and give you strength and wisdom to make the best decission..