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i am 6 months on the way now. but am having severe dandruff. i tried several anti dandruff shampoos. but it wont really work. i used nizoral when i wasnt pregnant and it is very effective. now i am having dandruff again, my hubby told me to check if nizoral is safe for pregnants.. any idea?


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I am also using Nizoral when I have dandruff. I used ir while I was pregnant as well.

Why do you think it shouldn’t be used during pregnancy? Well, I was getting it in pharmacy with my big stomack, so I reckon that the pharmacist who sold the shampoo would say something to me if it weren’t safe.
Anyway, what sort of conditioner are you using? I was advised to use gerovital-H3 along with nizoral shampoo.
Is this your first pregnancy?


this site suggests that pregnant or nursing mothers should not use ketaconazole (generic for nizoral).

However, I believe that this would only apply to ingestion of the 200mg pills- its doubtful that moderate use of any topical cream or shampoo would have an effect on your child.