I am 15F. I have really bad dandruff that is usually really cakey. It's annoying bc i have asian/irish genes that make my hair super dark and thick, making dandruff very visible. I normally use the Pantene beautiful lengths strengthening shampoo, followed by the same thing (Pantene beautiful lengths) but the strengthening conditioner. Last week I decided to change to Head and Shoulders to combat my dandruff. So I got the head and shoulders nourishing hair and scalp care dandruff shampoo. and I just stuck with my normal conditioner bc it doesn't go on the scalp. So after I used it, i realized it got rid of all the volume in my hair, which is bad. So now i want to use both my pantene shampoo and my dandruff shampoo but im not sure what order i should use them in or at the same time. any suggestions please?