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Hi folks! I truly am at the starting line. I was reading some of the other posts and realize I have a long ways to go.

I'm a 46 year old female and have played sports most of my life. I have also jogged off and on for years and just recently started again. For whatever reason this time around........I'm looking at it as more of a challenge than a chore. My short term goals are pretty simple........I'd like to continue my program instead of stopping this time, lose a few pounds and improve my overall health. My long term goals would include possibly running a race......something I never gave serious thought to.

I restarted jogging about two months ago. I've been running about the same 2.3 miles every other day. I haven't been timing myself because I don't want to get frustrated. Yesterday I decided to increase my run and just set out through the neighborhood.........a decent course that included some hills. I knew I ran more than my typical 2.3 miles and felt good afterwards. I drove the course today and to my surprise found out I ran 4.0 miles. As mentioned before I really want to continue this time because I have realized the questions............

Is running every other day enough to accomplish my goals?

What distance should I be running?

Are knee supports recommended? (I've played volleyball and racquetball most of my life so my knees are not in the best shape and do pain me a little during a run).

At my age and gender what is a reasonable 1 mile time?

And any other thoughts would be appreciated.



Welcome to the forums. We have a lot of PA folks here (I am from the Philly area). Lancaster is a great place to visit

Running every other day seems reasonable at this point. As you get stronger and more accustomed to things you can add longer runs and more days.

You should run as far as you are comfortable at this point. Don't focus as much on the times, but the distance.

Perhaps look ahead to a spring time 5k run. Circle it on the calendar, and make it something to look forward too. It further act as inspiration

Good luck


:wavey: Hello!! All of us runners started somewhere! I'm 38, I've been really " running" for the last 2 years.
I agree with what Cappy said, although maybe look for a 5K race sooner than spring (although I don't know if there are many races in your area now.) That's when racing and running became more interesting to me, after I showed up for my first race. Instead of just 2.3 miles, maybe increase that to 3 miles (that could be your long run) for one of the days.
Do you run in real running shoes, not cross-trainers or walking shoes? Getting the right shoes made a big difference in comfort for me.

Welcome to the forums!



:wavey: welcome runninonempty :wavey:

your screen name has me singing jackson browne 8-)

46 yo female runner here too. i've been running for 4.5 years now. i think every other day is very reasonable to start. i ran every other day -- the same 3 mile loop -- for about 9 months and then i ran my first 5K. concentrate on building distance, as you are, and not worry about speed for now. build that base.

good shoes are really important too. i was so messed up when i was running in the wrong formed shoe. :x

good luck and welcome to RF!



I think what you're doing now is just fine, not to mention impressive. When you start, you shouldn't worry about the time or distance, just getting out there to run and enjoy it. An amazing thing happens after a few months, the speed will come. (of course, I worried about speed and distance from day 1, so you're not alone)

I don't think you need knee supports. Usually a good pair of shoes will take care of knee problems. See a specialty running store who will look at your gait and get you in the right support.

:wavey: Welcome!


Thank you for the welcomes and pieces of advice. Yes.......Lancaster County is a nice place to live too.......some beautiful country to run around in.

The Jackson Browne song is one of my favorites.........

Right now I'm comfortable running 4 miles every other day. I have tried it a couple of times now and will increase that even if it just means 10 more strides a run.

You folks are right on in the shoe's something I need to address.

Thanks again for the welcomes and advice.