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I have had an itchy scrotum for a few weeks. I used Cortaid for a few days which seemed to help. After a week or so it seems to have come back and now I am trying cortizone-10. I plan on using it for 10 staight days and hopefully it clears up. The real question I have is while appling the cream I noticed a white pimple sized bump (small) under the skin. It can only be seen when the skin is stretched. The skin does not appear irratated, and the bump does not itch or hurt at all. Matter of fact, other than the constant itchy feeling, everything seems normal. I am a nervous person when it comes to this kind of stuff and was wondering if you could give some insight.


I think that Cortaid and cortisone 10 are the same things or at least similar and that if one hasn’t worked, the other may not as well.

The itchiness is often caused by overgrowth of yeast infections and it would be bad if you saw a dermatologist to see what is going on and if you should use an antifungal cream or something.
If there is yeast present, you could be making the condition worse. For example, Cortaid is said to be stimulating yeast growth, so this would mean that you are just adding more fule to the fire.

Since you don’t know what’s causing your itchiness, it would be wise to have it checked.

The white bump you have is probably just a sebaceous cyst that is not causing your itchiness and is a skin variant meaning that the pores that were supposed to bring oil into the surface to lubricate the skin, got clogged and that this oil got trapped under he skin, forming a cyst. They are harmless unless they get infected by skin bacteria.

Show it to the doc as well.